The B.A.N.K. Story

BANKCODE Founder and Chairman Cheri Tree invented B.A.N.K. in the early 2000s out of a desperate need to sell more effectively-- and an inability to find sales tactics that actually delivered as expected. Everyone seemed to agree that letting the prospect determine the presentation was a guaranteed path to success in sales, but no one seemed to agree on how to accurately figure out what individuals wanted. After studying a number of personality-based sales systems, Cheri realized the problem was that she had no accurate way of finding out their personality type without a long, often pricey assessment. That’s when she reverse-engineered the science to develop B.A.N.K.-- the first system that Coded other people in seconds.

Cheri used B.A.N.K. to take her annual sales commissions from $72,000 to over $500,000 in a single year and to over $1 million in just three! People started clamoring to learn Cheri’s secret, and she was booked to speak at hundreds of conferences, events, and companies about her game-changing B.A.N.K. methodology. B.A.N.K. was changing lives-- but Cheri knew that she could never share B.A.N.K. with the whole world alone.

Cheri struck out on her own in 2010 to start a training company focused exclusively on teaching B.A.N.K., and later a technology company, Codebreaker Technologies, to bring disruptive technology to the marketplace. With the help of a growing international team, Cheri created a company worth millions with clients in over 100 countries. B.A.N.K. has revolutionized the way we sell – and it will continue to change lives as the company expands.